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Many musicians have written really catchy tunes - however, ABBA composed true anthems and belong to the world‘s most popular bands of the 70's and 80's - perhaps, of all time...

In 1972, the Swedish quartet released their first single together, going by the rather long-winded name of "Björn, Benny, Anna & Frida". This was followed in 1973 by a disappointing attempt to reach the Eurovision song contest with their song entitled "Ring Ring" which failed at the preliminary round.

However, one year later, complete with a new name, "ABBA", made up of each of their first name initials, they found the success they deserved, with a rousing performance of their new song, "Waterloo", leading them to victory at the 1974 Eurovision Song Contest, in Brighton, UK. This laid the foundations for a fantastic international career.

Up until the time of their unofficial split in 1982, ABBA‘s record sales reached a figure of over 180 million worldwide, and they had 21 top ten hits in Germany alone. Despite many very tempting offers, no one could, until now, persuade the four likeable swedes to reunite on stage, and perform that eagerly awaited live concert once more....much to the chagrin of many enthusiastic fans. In November 2021, ABBA  released a full new album. The world hold it‘s breath in anticipation of a comeback of the "Dancing Queen“.

We are very proud to sing: Don´t shut me down!

For almost 20 years, "Original A33AFever" has taken on the legacy of the legendary group, and with great success! On home ground, and abroad, the show created by the seven musicians from Hamburg has developed from being an insider tip, to becoming an absolute number 1 of the ABBA Tribute Shows!

Still today, it is hard to find a more popular era of nostalgia, as that of the seventies. It was the most dazzling and crazy decade of the last century. Our current production pays homage to the iconic "Pop-Art" years.

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Original - A33AFever, together with its audience, embarks on a journey into the glittering, multi-coloured world of the 1970‘s, and impresses through skill and creativity. The guests experience a real live concert, from seven musicians. In particular, the imaginative interpretation of the songs combined with the blend of the singers‘ individual voices, makes this production a real highlight.

At this show, all generations merge into one big family, and so, it is hardly surprising to learn that the musicians in the show also consider themselves to be one large "Fever Family"! If ABBA were on stage today, we feel it‘s safe to say, they would sound like a concert given by Original -The A33AFever.

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The Original Show from Hamburg

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